IRISH BONES I – Is written to allow the reader to know and feel each character individually in their own words and thoughts. It starts on a farm in rural Pennsylvania where Lovina always felt different and she was not sure why. She had red hair and a vibrant personality unlike her timid mother Sarah who always disapproved of her tomboy ways. She adored her father James who let her ride on the tractor. Then on her father’s death bed he whispers to her “You have Irish Bones.”
This sends young Lovina on an emotional discovery to find her Irish past. When she finds her Irish granddad is still alive, she visits him anxious to find out about her family. Granddad begins to tell Lovina the family story beginning when he was born in 1899 in Ireland. Starting with the story of a young boy who fell in love with the lass next door. Through journals she found in the attic and the stories her granddad describes to her in person, Lovina discovers the historical and emotional events that shaped their lives and ultimately hers as well. Lovina learns how her granddad as a young boy learned to cope with events that led him to become the man he is now. Three generations in Ireland suffered through murder, tragedy, sacrifice, a rebellion and even the influenza outbreak of 1918. Lovina embraces her Irish heritage but there is one thing she must do to set her family free from the past.
IRISH BONES II – describes the family after leaving Ireland and making a new life free from the past back to the farm in rural Pennsylvania. The place Lovina always hated but has embraced as the safest place for them. Will Lovina regret what she has done or will she finally find love and happiness on the farm. Will bringing what is left of her Irish family to live in America be the right decision?

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